sprinkler systems for residential and commercial properties


Start Ups

At Leighton Irrigation & Landscaping Ltd. our technicians give you a 15- point start up inspection. 

From turning on the main water source and programming the controller, right down to checking and adjusting every nozzle, you can be sure that your yard will have full coverage while keeping water off hardscapes like sidwalks and driveways.

We will assess, discuss options to fix any problems with your irrigation system and get you booked in to get your system back to top running condition.

Mid-Season Check and Adjustments

Your mid-season check ensures that all the valves and sprinkler heads are working properly. You receive our 15 -point inspection and we will make adjustments to your controller and to your sprinkler heads. Adjusting run times on the controller for appropriate hot weather conditions and offering regular maintenance on your sprinklers ensures proper coverage with changing landscapes and growing foliage. Overgrown spray heads will cause flooding or dry spots if blocked.


Ensure your irrigation system is properly drained and winterized to avoid any cracked pipes and fittings during our long cold winters. Leighton Irrigation & Landscaping Ltd. uses a commercial grade compressor to ensure your pipes have been blown out properly.

Installations and Repairs

A properly designed, managed and maintained irrigation system is an essential tool for a healthy, functional landscape. It will also increase the resale value of your property. When we install our professionally designed irrigation systems you will get the reward of a gorgeous lawn. Imagine the time you will get back when you no longer need to pull a garden hose around the yard. You will appreciate a sprinkler system that does the watering for you.

Leighton Irrigation & Landscaping Ltd. can install and repair irrigation systems for residential , acreage and commercial areas in Medicine Hat and surrounding communities. Whether a newly developed area or an area with mature landscape, we can install and service your system.