Complete residential, acreage and commercial Landscaping Services in Medicine Hat

Excavating and Hauling


We are able to excavate, level, supply, deliver and spread a wide range of materials including soil, sand, rock, bark mulch and larger decorative landscape rocks. When we level the area, we ensure the proper grade away from any building foundation- doing so ensures proper drainage. We have the equipment to service small and large areas.



Various kinds of rock make a bold , stylistic statement in your yard. Rock is long-lasting and can endure any kind of weather system. Due to its permanent nature, it is a great fit for other fixed garden elements such as trees, fountains, or larger decorative landscape rocks. All hardscape material is spread on a 5 oz. professional grade landscape fabric.

Bark Mulch


Bark mulch is not only aesthetically pleasing, it helps soil retain moisture, keeps weeds in check, and enriches the soil with valuable nutrients as well. Easy to install and easy to maintain, bark mulch is a great option for shrub beds and coverage for larger areas. Mulch is spread on 5 oz. professional grade landscape fabric.

Sod and Hydroseed


Whether installing new sod or replacing areas of your current lawn with fresh sod, we make the preparation and installation quick and easy.

Installing sod correctly is an art. When it's done properly, you will achieve a great looking, healthy lawn. Our company has taken the time to refine and improve the process by which we install your sod to give you the highest success rate as possible.

Healthy grass needs at least 4" of topsoil to flourish. We use screeened topsoil and add a starter fertilizer. 

For cost effectiveness or large applications such as commercial area and acreages, hydroseed is a great option.  Offered in two blends: Premium Turf Blend primarily consisting of Kentucky Bluegrass and Red Fescue, and a drought resistant Ecolawn Turf Blend consisting of a fescue blend.



In the semi-arid climate of Medicine Hat, xeriscaping is an eco-friendly and attractive way to reduce or even eliminate your yard's water demands. An added benefit is that xeriscaping often requires much less maintenance than other types of landscaping. As water costs rise in our municipality, this is also a financially savvy way to beautify your yard.



We offer a wide range of edging options including concrete curbing, rubber curbing , metal curbing, brick curbing and wood ties.